Coffee is BIG MONEY!

The coffee industry is growing stronger than ever. “Venture capitalists invested over one billion dollars” in coffee startup businesses in 2018, up over 400% from the prior year. Also, in 2019, the “National Coffee Association stated that the single-serve coffee industry experienced a period of sustained astronomical growth” and is just waiting for the next innovation, including channel innovation that puts single-cup in more locations.

This is where you come in!

We are looking for entrepreneurs that share our vision in recreating the cafe-style experience within various establishments, such as auto shops, bank lobbies, hair salons and more…. the options are endless. We welcome you to join us in innovating this multi-billion dollar industry and bringing coffee vending machines to locations near you. Coffee is truly big money!





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    You’re Just One Vending Machine Away From Being Your Own Boss!

    Coffee Vending Package


    Our machine features a versatile and cost-effective way to vend coffee pods at any location that people are on the go. Customers turn the cylinder to choose their product and slide their card; it’s that simple. Easy to install and refill, and with no coins to collect, revenue is immediate and the machine is 100% cashless.


        • Easy to install and service
        • Cashless Operation, accepts major credit cards
        • 120 Standard K-Cups Capacity, 8 selections at a time
        • Limited Warranty


    Keurig Commercial Brewer included
    Premium Coffee Caddy Included


    Single-cup coffee has been revolutionizing how the beverage is consumed today.  K-cups brew a perfect cup in a large variety of types, flavors, and brands. The variety will keep customers coming back for their favorites. The vending system offers 8 varieties at a time. Surveys of customers can be conducted to allow you to provide the most desired options. K-cups make your coffee vending business easy.


    Like they say.. it’s all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

    Choosing a high volume location with plenty of traffic will allow you to sell more cups of coffee and maximize profits. We have partnered with a professional placement company to help you get started and find ideal locations near you. In addition, you are free to use or find your own location that you think would be a great fit.

    Here are some location examples :

    Automotive Shops

    Our vending machines will not only look professional, but will go a long way to keep people waiting on their cars feeling satisfied and their time going by much faster.

    Bars and Taverns

    Whether you enjoy an after-dinner coffee or want the extra energy for a safe trip back home. We have you covered at bars and taverns with a cup of gourmet coffee.

    Hair Salons

    Both employees and clients will love the fact that they have gourmet coffee at arms length, and with multiple options, they can enjoy a different cup of coffee on every visit.

    Laundry Mat

    Long wait times between wash cycles make laundry mats another great location. Customers can pass their time and keep their self wide awake and full of energy.

    Shopping Malls

    The vending system display will fit in perfectly at shopping centers and malls. Both employees and shoppers will satisfy their addiction for coffee at your display.

    Hotel Lobbies

    The vending machine system works great inside hotel lobbies for guests to enjoy after their travels or to keep employees energized throughout their shift.